Our Commitment to ESG


We are committed to creating sustainable business outcomes that drive value and fuel growth while protecting our environment and strengthening societies. The safety of our employees is our first priority as we continually strive to eliminate industrial incidents. We believe that all work-related illnesses, injuries and environmental incidents are preventable. We care about the environment and continuously improve our environmental controls while increasing our efficient use of natural resources, focusing on resource sustainability and reducing carbon footprints.

Our vision is to have an accident-free workplace and conduct our business in an eco-friendly and transparent manner. We accept the responsibility to be good corporate citizens.

As we grow, we embrace diversity and inclusion within our workforce. Our goal is to put the right people in the right jobs. We believe our employees’ potential is only limited by their ambitions and the organisation will provide opportunities for personal growth. We achieve synergy through collective skills and ideas.

We aim to accomplish this through

  • Ensuring compliance with all environmental, health & safety regulatory & governance policy requirements;
  • Drive continual improvement efforts in ESG within our operations;
  • Instill employee accountability for their own safety, the safety of others through the application of safe work practices, integrative EHS practices into all dimensions of the business;
  • Conduct operations in a compliant and transparent manner with a view to minimize waste, prevent uncontrolled environmental releases and take proactive actions to safeguard the environment;
  • Provide training and resources to build ESG awareness;
  • Apply learning through an integrated management system involving audits directing continuous improvement.